Powerful Features As Always

Stock Manager

Stock running low, stock value, product history,add stock, import/download etc.

Sales Manager

Daily,monthly,yearly sales, customers on credit, download records etc.

Profit & Expenses Manager

Monitor daily, profits, yearly, fast & slow moving products comparison etc.

Employees Manager

Add & assign them roles, set lock time, monitor their daily logs, last seen etc.

Cash Flow Manager

The simplest small business cash flow analysis. Add cash-in, cash out etc.

Data Backup & Offline Mode

Data is backed up every 6hrs, This app works on low or no internet then data is sync when internet is back.

Data synchronization & more features

Your data in all your devices, anytime

Whether you lost your phone or want to access your account on your laptop or tablet. All you need is to login on StockApp Web portal and your data will be sync in few seconds.

If your shop attendants/employees misplace their phone, you can force lock their account and no one can access it until you authorize by unlocking.

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Customers On Credit

StockApp helps you manage those customers who take products and pay on installments.

Suppliers On Credit

Manage suppliers you're yet to pay.Record installments, Know total amounts due.

Spoiled / Bad Stock

Manage those bad stock ie spoilt, faulty/damaged items.

Download The App

This app is available on play store & as a WebApp. IOs & Desktop versions for MAC & Windows are under testing to be released soon,

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