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About StockApp

StockApp focuses on helping you save your time & money .

Whether you are employed with a side business or operate on your business fulltime. You would want solution that saves your time and money while giving you full control over your businesses and employees.

Many of StockApp users use it because of the control it gives them. With StockApp, you can be in a holiday or decide to spend some more time with your family and still open your phone or laptop and check how sales are streaming in as well as control your stock, cashflow and profit analysis anytime.


Suitable For Many SMEs.

Electronic Shops, Boutiques & Cosmetics Shops, Agrovets, Furniture shops, Chemists, Hardware Shops pubs and many other retail businesses.

It's not limited.
What's your business ? . Set up your stock the way you can understand. You have the control.

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Suitable for Any SME or personal Use at home and big companies.

Simplest Application Ever.

Built with simplicity in mind. As long as you know how to click buttons then you already know how to use StockApp. By the way, Did you know that StockApp has been built customers suggestions?. When you join. You can always let us know how you want it for yourself.

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Data synchronization & more features

Your data in all your devices, anytime

Whether you lost your phone or want to access your account on your laptop or tablet. All you need is to login on StockApp Web portal and your data will be sync in few seconds.

If your shop attendants/employees misplace their phone, you can force lock their account and no one can access it until you authorize by unlocking.

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Customers On Credit

StockApp helps you manage those customers who take products and pay on installments.

Suppliers On Credit

Manage suppliers you're yet to pay.Record installments, Know total amounts due.

Spoiled / Bad Stock

Manage those bad stock eg spoilt, faulty/damaged items.

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This app is available on play store & as a WebApp. IOs & Desktop versions for MAC & Windows are under testing to be released soon,

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