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Adding stock Items (Add New)

After creating an account, the next step will be to add stock items. To do that, you can either:

1. Add one item after another. Here, you will update the item's name, quantity available, buying price and selling price.

2. Import items from Excel. Here, you will upload the stock list from excel file. The file should be in the required format (name, qty, bp, sp). All should be in small letter

View Stock Balances, Stock Value, Stock Transfer (All)

This is the first page you will see once you click Stock Set-up. You will see all the items, the stock value based on the quantity available multiplied by the buying price, transfer stocks, view product history- product performance, product profit, purchase/sell history and more

Stock Taking (Count)

This is where you will balance the quantities after you do stock take. Update the physical count and click OK. It will turn Green. Always select the balancing option and not the Missing/Bad Stock not unless it is a missing stock. 

Reports Generation (Download Icon on Top Right Corner)

When you click the download icon, you will be able to generate reports for:

1. All Stock items

2.Stock Running Low

3. Out of Stock

4. Stock Counting Sheet

5. Dead Stock (coming soon)

6. Generate Barcodes (You can use this to generate barcodes for all your items)