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During the early days of computing, most systems were developed to work on computers. Inventories/Stock Management was not an exception. This led to development of what is known as "Desktop Based Solutions" . These were solutions that operated mainly on the computer and you could access them from the computer only.

With innovation, adoption and penetration of internet, this model became less effective now that most activities were taken online (Popularly known as Cloud Based). Cloud Based Solutions are very effective and have 1001 benefits over the Desktop Based Solutions. Below are some of them:

1. Accessibility

While with the Desktop Solutions are only accessed from that specific computer, Cloud based solutions are accessed everywhere. This makes it possible for users to manage their inventories anywhere, anytime

2. Cost Effective

Developing and maintaining Desktop Solutions can be very expensive. This is because, everything depends on that specific computer. On the other hand, Cloud Solutions are relatively affordable and easily managed. This is because they can be managed from anywhere in the world.

3. Data Back-up

When using Desktop Solution, you will need to back up your data every time so that in case of a crash, your data is safe. If you fail to do that and the computer crashes or its stolen, all the data will be lost. The case is different with Cloud Solutions. Here, The data is backed-up automatically and you don't need to worry in case the computer crashes or if its stolen.

4. Multiple Devices

Desktop Solutions are only available on that one computer while Cloud Solutions can be accessed by several devices at the same time. This makes it ideal for multiple users operating in different places.

5. Support

When using the Desktop Solution, the support team must visit the place, check the issues, repair them or train the users just on the ground. The case is different when using the Cloud Solution. Here, support can be offered in real-time without having to visit the user on ground. Also, through virtual platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, the support team can guide the users on the solution step by step. 

StockApp being a Cloud Based Solution, it provides all these and many more advantages