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In earlier days, it was all about finishing college/university and looking for a job in one of the well established companies around. Those days are long gone and in the current era, formal employment is diminishing by day. This can be attributed with automation of several operations in the firm making it cost effective to use fewer people and more technology. E.g Banks have automated account opening process and instead of visiting the branch, you can just do that via an App or USSD. This has made more people look for an alternative for employment and the best option is to start a business.

Starting and running a business might be tough especially if you are far away. With current formats, most business owners depend on their attendants' mercy to get the correct information about stocks. If you can get  an employee who is not trustworthy, you might end up closing shop not because you don't sell but because you lose more stocks therefore ending up losing revenue. With COVID-19 making more people unemployed and focus on self employment, we have a solution to help you not lose stocks even when away


We know the pain of losing stocks and we have developed a solution that will help business owners to manage their business anywhere in the world just from their phone. After creating an account, you will need to add the shop and the attendant. Depending on the roles you allocate them, they will be making entries on their phones and its reflected on your phone in real-time. This means, you will get immediate reports on what is happening as Sales, Stock-in, Stock Balances, Profits and so much more. Check the App on Play Store ( or from the Web Version (