This app can manage your business while you're away.

With Zero setup cost, This is a simple tool to manage your STOCK, SALES, EXPENSES, CASH-FLOW & PROFIT using your phone. Works in both offline and online mode. Monitor you businesses from anywhere in real-time using your phone. Under one account you can monitor all your businesses.

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About StockApp
About StockApp

StockApp focuses on helping you save your time & money .

Whether you are employed with a side business or operate on your business fulltime. You would want solution that saves your time and money while giving you full control over your bussiness and employees.

Many of StockApp fans use it because of the control it gives them. With StockApp, you can be in a holiday or decide to spend some more time with your family and still open your phone or laptop and check how sales are streaming in as well as control your stock, cashflow and profit analysis anytime.


Suitable For Many SMEs In And Across

Electronic Shops, Boutiques & Cosmetics Shops, Agrovets, Furniture shops, Chemists, Hardware Shops, pubs and many other retail businesses.

It's not limited.
What's your business ?. Set up your stock the way you can understand. You have the control.

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StockApp Sales Manager Dashbord

Powerful Features As Always

Stock Manager

Stock running low, stock value, product history,add stock, import/download etc.

Sales Manager

For Daily,monthly,yearly sales, customers on credit, download records etc.

Profit & Expenses Manager

Monitor daily, profits, yearly, fast & slow moving products comparison etc.

Employees Manager

Add & assign them roles, set lock time, monitor their daily logs, last seen etc.

Cash Flow Manager

The simplest small business cash flow analysis. Add cash-in, cash out etc.

Data Backup & Offline Mode

Data is backed up every 6hrs, App works on low or no internet then data is sync when internet is back.


Users Love It

Ashekur Rahman

It's simplicity made me abandon my previous app.

Hassan Mohammed


Simply good and easy to work with it.



Working well for my electronics shop.

Gitonga Rihaha

I love the part of generating monthly report. At least I can see my progress on Sales and Stock-in. Good App folks.

Frank Radloff


Running and managing a business at the click of a button is the most scintillating innovation. Fraud and pilfering by staff is a thing of the past. Grab this app as soon as yesterday and achieve your business dream.

Mercy Drey


It’s amazing! Completely changed me from my old traditional record keeping. I have more free time now. Am somewhere now! Kudos guys!.

Data synchronization & more features

Your data in all your devices, anytime

Whether you lost your phone or want to access your account on your laptop or tablet. All you need is to login on StockApp Web portal and your data will be sync in few seconds.

If your shop attendants/employees misplace their phone, you can force lock their account and no one can access it untill you authorize by unlocking.

Try StockApp Web

Customers On Credit

StockApp helps you manage those customers who take products and pay on installments.

Suppliers On Credit

Manage suppliers you're yet to pay.Record installments, Know total amounts due.

Spoiled / Bad Stock

Manage those bad stock eg spoilt, faulty/damaged items.

Download The App

This app is available on play store and as a WebApp. IOs & Desktop versions for MAC & Windows are under testing to be released soon,

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Awesome Investment

No Credit Card Required To Join


  • 7 days Free usage
  • Free Download
  • Unlimited support
  • Multiple Shops
  • Data backup every 6hrs
  • Data Sync In all Devices
/ 1 Month


  • 7 days Free usage
  • Free Download
  • Unlimited support
  • Multiple Shops
  • Data backup every 6hrs
  • Data Sync In all Devices


  • 7 days Free usage
  • Free Download
  • Unlimited support
  • Multiple Shops
  • Data backup every 6hrs
  • Data Sync In all Devices


  • 7 days Free usage
  • Free Download
  • Unlimited support
  • Multiple Shops
  • Data backup every 6hrs
  • Data Sync In all Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started?

To get started, Download the app on Play Store for FREE, Sign Up and add your shop, that will take you a few seconds. After that, Set up your stock and balances in the StockSetup section by either importing from an excel file or type them into the app.

How many shops can i manage in one account?

StockApp has no limitations on the number of shops you can manage in it. If you have different branches, you can import stock from one of your similar shops and start managing immediately.

Is this app for African businesses?

This product is built for SME in Africa though any SME in can use it from anywhere in the world as long as it fits your needs.

There is a good number of shops in that are using it already. We are gretful.

Can i Export My Data.?

You can export/ Download sales, stock-in, stock anytime to your device.

Which part of the app operate offline ?

Sales , Stock Manager, Expenses & Profit analysis. Please note that you can only view data that has been sync with your device when you were online.

How do i migrate from my current software to StockApp?

It's Easy, Export your stock records from your current software or app into excel, then sign up with StockApp and go to Stock Manager section. Here, You Click import and select the exported file, All Stock Items will be imported to your account immediately and accessible to all your devices.

Who is StockApp built For?

For SMEs that would want digitalize their records keeping on a zero setup cost (NO Computers and Internet Installation Needed, Just your phones).

For any business owner who would want to save time on money by monitoring all his business from anywhere anytime, any day.

What about my data & Security ?

Your data is encrypted when in your device and server and only decrypted when is fetched by the app. It's Only you with full control over your data. Also, Data is backed up automatically every 6hrs and a ful monthly backup sent to the email you provide.